Grain (demo)

by Braille

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diluted emotion grows to fill the space
a sting no more potent than a memory
i've got my eye on the finish line
collate and sort the scenes until the story's right
bore a hole to excavate or bury
as i lean my weight into a glowing neon sanctum

sparsity in both word and deed

leaves man un-appraised by anything

excavate the pretext
dig shadow out its hole
it's an ending anticipated honestly

tie pulled loose
perch pale skin
mahogany soaked in well bourbon
a brown bitter entrance

citrus on my tongue

cleanse the grained perspective but it just blurs

a red red lens placed to my own

a life left unexamined, a delusion right at home

there's more to you than this
nothing i've noticed

a light burned out, fell to ground
to back off the bitter

to walk a straight line

hang the routine in 44

this must just be

a home allowed to settle

a creak without a cause

a life left unexamined is a delusion right at home


kill the sound

an edict, uneven

assemble storyline
patched from fortnights
drenched in repentance
without prosecution
have i left unattended
respective lives

a darkening pinprick

a bump in the night

an edict, uneven

deafening light
unblurring lines
unrecognized faces
touch point no reference
how have i found this
faceless, far from home i question existence
red red lens has stripped from my vision
a crumbling wall finds me

to question decision

find a foothold
night terror, night terror


released May 30, 2013



all rights reserved


Braille Connecticut

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