by Braille

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Another track anticipated for our upcoming full length


“deadlines pass and fade
no favor from the overseer
adept but always moving against
my vagus nerve trembles constantly
but all restraint's been placed upon my quivering force
the mind is naught if not a dam for the truth”

metal just echoes, porcelain clashing
cavernous space inside a scant gray room
kinetic shape can’t impress upon a tainted canvas
figure observed but unabsorbed

“is anybody in there?
where do you go when you retreat away from me?”
grasping hands don’t latch
i watch my lover flounder in the face of such a deep dark hole

awful dispassion makes it’s home in my mortality
the dire tension of a vacancy just lying in wait
bed me down, spread me out, let me breathe
no provocation to comfort me
i’ll permit no one to stir me to debilitating sympathy

one imperfection exposed
stressed in the pressure of so much precision
“i’ve been expended chasing your interest
give me something, just a beggar’s pence
a small token, a pity favor to keep us alive"

but there’s no welling inside of me
no inhabitants to stir or sacrifice
a non-malicious lack of wanting
a void so deep that even pretense fails


released September 14, 2013



all rights reserved


Braille Connecticut

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